The Churches Versus The Truth

Author: Johnny Nelomes


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About the Book

This book is not your everyday book. It doesn’t have all of them chapters in it—my message is very clear, at least it should be. Church versus the Churches, meaning you all are only for the churches. You all say that you all are the church, your number one love. But you all put up a building and call them a church also. My honorable reverend God is on his own side and no son up in front of him, my honorable reverend God is on the right side of his Father and no son is in front of him, now who is God the Father?

Features & Details

Pages: 172
Genre: Non-Fiction
Tags: #nonfiction, #thechurchesversusthetruth

About the Author

I have been a partaker in those whoredom houses where they dress for success but my honorable reverend God reminded me to straighten my mind up. He said living by faith do not include written instruction it did not fi t my faith in the unseen, the left side is my honorable reverend God’s adversary stealing his glory. I did not feel in play bowing to the liar the head man and woman so I went the straightway with the God that I honor. I was born in New York city on December 02, 1949. My parents moved to Georgia when I was young. I started school at Beck Branch Elementary. I worked in the cotton fields and in Florida I worked in a mental hospital. I worked as a security guard among other odd jobs, nothing fantastic just a common guy.

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