Unholy Terror Waged on Our Beloved Nation

Author: Alex Salaiz


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About the Book

The story unfolds as soon as FBI Special Agent Chad Winters brings to justice the fugitive financier Roberto Dela Torri from Yemen. Returning the financier to stand trial opens up a Pandora’s box for Agent Winters once he is back in the United States. As soon as the financier was captured, a fatwa was issued by the al-Qaeda leader on both Winters and the former Chief of Staff of a murdered US Congresswoman. Every time Agent Winters gets close to finding a potential witness or a person of interest in the initial murder case, the individual is taken out by an unknown killer. The fatwa becomes a distraction on Chad investigating first, the murder of the Congresswoman and then the subsequent murders that followed. Agent Winters is trying to stay safe and alive from lone wolves trying to execute the fatwa while at the same time he is trying to solve the murders. Unable to get rid of Winters, the terrorist leaders decide to secure a nuclear device and get it to the US for detonation in the Nation’s Capital. The Muslim sleeper sets up the bomb at the National Mall hoping to get rid of Winters when Washington DC is destroyed. This investigation is testing Winters’ resolve like never before. Will he stay alive and find the nuclear device before it goes off or will the terrorists succeed? Well, they won’t only if he adds ‘more spice to his gumbo’.

Features & Details

Pages: 194
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #unholyterrorwagedonourbelovednation

About the Author

Alex Salaiz received his B.A. degree in Political Science from Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. He is a retired government employee after directing a major federal agency in Denver, Colorado. He is also a retired Army Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel retiring after 36 years of both active and reserve service. His last active duty assignment was state sides in support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. This is Alex’s second book which is a sequel to his first book “This Nation under Attack” published in 2014. He has also written four unpublished short stories for each of his four grandkids. Alex lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Nellie, a retired school teacher.

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