Time for Africa's Emergence? With focus on Cameroon

Time for Africa's Emergence? With focus on Cameroon

Author: Sa'ah Francois Guimatsia
Pages: 252
Genre: Political Science
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Where do things stand today in Africa, after some 56 years of independence? Well, the continent is not just a land of crises and hardships; it also has what it takes to become emergent this 21st century – abundant natural resources, a youthful and dynamic population, a great potential for growth, etc. But most wounds inflicted by the colonial and neocolonial systems to date remain unhealed. Africans therefore have three crucial prerequisites to fulfill for their continent’s renaissance: regain their lost cultural balance, put in place a solid economic backbone, and promote a leadership committed to good governance and continental integration. In this illuminating book written from a refreshing African perspective, the author examines the facts and shares his deep conviction – without indulging in angst or finger-pointing– that Africans should build their continent’s emergence on a great sense of patriotism combined with sound preparation and intelligent cooperation, bearing in mind the potent examples set by Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara and other world political icons.
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