Rock With Rodney & Party With Perky To a World of Evermore

Author: Patty Fayerweather Harlow


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About the Book

September 11, 2001, the day begins at Leppelin High School, upstate New York, with morning announcements, applauding the students’: HAVE HEART on EARTH group meeting, working together to Unite America… Then, during 3rd Period, their day is interrupted with news over the loudspeaker of the terror happening, by a shaken up, Principal Edify. After classes, the HAVE HEART on EARTH group meets to hear more of the latest tragic news. President Rodney the rock n’ roll Rabbit, begins: “The World as we know it, is a changing! Seriously, we as Americans need to pull together to deal with today’s tragedy. These evil tragedies may have struck our freedom, but they cannot dent our spirit!” “We need to pull together, as a country, now, more than ever!” Vice President Perky the powerful partying Panther pushes. They learn more, day by day, these faceless cowards, and suicide bombers; part of the network of terror, trying to destroy OUR Freedoms! We won’t let that happen! To show support & unity, they set up fund raisers to help the people, as well as, the many frightened, injured animals found at Ground Zero. It’s not only United States Vs. terrorists, this mass terrorism is the evil of the world. The whole world was affected, 9-11-01. It became a worldwide catastrophe, when two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center in NYC. It’s the Pre, Democratic World against terrorists, because Americans, and people of 40 countries worked in the WTC. Now, it’s not only time for America to come together, it’s time for the whole world to come together, and live as one!

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Pages: 62
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #rockwithrodneypartywithperkytoaworldofevermore

About the Author

Coming home from Broome Community College, September 24, 1985, a life-threatening accident. I suffered a broken neck, and head injury, knocked into coma for 9 weeks. Then, took Speech Therapy to talk, Cognitive Therapy for motor skills, and Physical Therapy to learn to walk, again. Returned to BCC, fall '86. I failed out of Computer Technology, because I lost computer learning years. Thankfully, I remembered learning creative writing, 8th Grade English, 1980, because I received A's in: Written Expression 1 & 2. I received a Marketing Degree, '90. Took an aptitude test, and was enrolled into the Institute of Children's Literature, receiving a degree, 1993.

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