Caretakers Of The Universe: The Secret Force Of Justice

Author: Siegfried Holzinger


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About the Book

An Australian resident is contacted by Aliens, (CARETAKERS of the Universe) they inform him that people on Earth have not evolved from apes as believed. The Aliens forefathers began to colonise Earth 35,000 years ago. With different races from other planets throughout the universe. Because of the high level of crime on Earth, the CARETAKERS are commissioned to eliminate all crime. First step is to virtually eliminate the race committing the most crime. Secondly the chosen Earthling will choose the appropriate punishment and all perpetrators will be incarcerated on a special planet. What is the ultimate punishment?

Features & Details

Pages: 118
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: #sciencefiction, #caretakersoftheuniverse:thesecretforceofjustice

About the Author

Born in Germany, Siegfried followed his father and grandfather into the master building industry. Inspired by sun, sea and open spaces, he migrated to Australia at the age of 19. With no knowledge of the English language, he experienced many hilarious encounters while teaching himself English from TV. He quickly earned a high reputation for his building skills particularly his ability to create a unique one-off design houses. Seeking a career change, he undertook a teaching diploma and taught building for 10 years. For a further challenge, he studied alternative therapy(massage, reflexology, Bowen, Ki-force healing and ran a clinic for 5 years. Siegfried now enjoys writing, golf and dog breeding.

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