Caretakers Of The Universe: The Secret Force Of Justice

Caretakers Of The Universe: The Secret Force Of Justice

Author: Siegfried Holzinger
Pages: 118
Genre: Science Fiction
Paperback (9781941736760) $8.01
Hardback (9781941736777) $23.31
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An Australian resident is contacted by Aliens, (CARETAKERS of the Universe) they inform him that people on Earth have not evolved from apes as believed.

The Aliens forefathers began to colonise Earth 35,000 years ago. With different races from other planets throughout the universe. Because of the high level of crime on Earth, the CARETAKERS are commissioned to eliminate all crime. First step is to virtually eliminate the race committing the most crime.

Secondly the chosen Earthling will choose the appropriate punishment and all perpetrators will be incarcerated on a special planet. What is the ultimate punishment?
Born in Germany, Siegfried followed his father and grandfather into the master building industry. Inspired by sun, sea and open spaces, he migrated to Australia at the age of 19. With no knowledge of the English language, he experienced many hilarious encounters while teaching himself English from TV. He quickly earned a high reputation for his building skills particularly his ability to create a unique one-off design houses.
Seeking a career change, he undertook a teaching diploma and taught building for 10 years. For a further challenge, he studied alternative therapy(massage, reflexology, Bowen, Ki-force healing and ran a clinic for 5 years.

Siegfried now enjoys writing, golf and dog breeding.
Wow, breathtaking. A different read with a real segway from the norm.
Siegfried Holzinger has taken the criminal justice system in the future to a whole new level.
Whether it’s politically correct or not is up for interpretation.
This is a very different view on how the world may function in the next 100 years and beyond as we turn towards our alien neighbours as our own world shrinks due to population.
Erik Telichan

A gripping and fast paced story about futuristic law enforcement set in Australia. Holzinger has written a thought provoking novel probing the judicial system in a world filled with crime which, to the beliefs of most law-abiding citizens, as being too lenient on repeat offenders. His solution will really amaze readers!
An enjoyable read.
Tina Morgan

An interesting Sci Fi story that is an easy and interesting read. The story should keep avid Sci Fi readers satisfied and is an ideal short story to initiate new readers to the genre. The writer keeps the interest level high from page one with some interesting twists and turns throughout.

You should be applauded for the time and effort you put into writing your novel and the completed book in its cover certainly looks professional. Essentially it is a short (111 pages) story of fiction that portrays the world as full of people who are either good or bad and the intervention of a supreme body, in this case aliens calling themselves the “Secret Force of Justice” and their appointed earthling, to determine the fate of those deemed to be bad (the scum). The cannibal characters, “Chopchop” and “Ticktok” add some interest to the story regarding the fate of those found guilty of the more serious offences. It is a straight forward novel and does not try to develop the characters to any degree so it is easy to read.
Robert C.

Great to see a new Sci Fi Author with a new slant on why we Earthlings are so different.
John lives peacefully on his Farm with his canine companion when his world is rocked by the arrival of Aliens. They want to enlist his help to eradicate crime on Earth. They propose a plan to involve John in a major role. He is alarmed but agrees to join the Secret Force of Justice, changing his life forever.

An original enjoyable read addressing the question, can good win over evil?
Kathleen J.

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