Josephus' Complete Writings And Commentaries

Josephus' Complete Writings And Commentaries

Author: Douglas M. Thompson
Pages: 906
Genre: History
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The book contains the writing Against Apion and aspurios work as his first attempt.
Then it deals with his personal account of the Jewish war, from Pompey’s coverage through to Vespasian’s and his son Titus destruction of Jerusalem. A testimonial of two Christian personalities that are taken from his book nineteen. Then the next week was a re-accounting of the Jewish scripture account to his view.
I was born in New York and like my two brothers I want in the Air Force and when I got out I went in work in Construction. Then I worked my way the college working for Treasury got a degree in biology. I went on got a Master’s degree in environmental management and business administration. My language was Latin through college. In 1973 became interested in early Church Fathers and Church Doctor and related history. I’ve been collecting and translating then ever since.

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