How Wars Are Won: Leadership, Friendship, Family, and Unit Cohesion

Author: Damon K. Bullock


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About the Book

This book came into being because of an intrinsic desire to educate others on how the U.S. military has maintained its position as the world’s premier fighting force. This careful explanation will be achieved by using the structural functionalism approach as the sociological foundation and its relationship with the various social actors. This approach reinforces the fact that team unity and cohesion can only result when various social actor’s work together for the common good of the mission. I want readers to not only understand the military as a fighting force but also how the military is subject to social influences like any other social institution. The U.S. military is often studied regarding its role in our society as a mechanism of protection without much emphasis as a social institution with “actors” or individuals who are subject to the influences of social interaction like a fallen apple is subject to the Law of Gravity. Writing this book on the subject of military sociology was also inspired because of my unique position in the U.S. Army. As a military sociologist and company grade officer, I have the practical experience and educational background to talk about the social facts that sustain troop cohesion, support, and morale. Mechanisms are established in the military to encourage individuals who are different in many regards to think and fight as one team. The United States military is only great because we have great family, friends, and comrades that support us as individuals and as the American military.

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Pages: 206
Genre: History
Tags: #history, #howwarsarewon:leadership,friendship,family,andunitcohesion

About the Author

Damon J. Bullock was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and raised in a Christian home by a loving grandmother and mother. Damon is the oldest of three with a younger brother and sister. He joined the U.S. Army National Guard in 2000 as an enlisted soldier and continued to progress to his current rank of Captain. Damon has always valued education and its importance for social upward mobility. Therefore, he earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a Doctor of Philosophy from Texas Woman’s University. His professional career consists of being an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Western New Mexico University in Silver City, New Mexico. In addition, he is the adjunct instructor of sociology at other institutions of higher learning as well. Damon has made presentations at reputable academic conferences over the topics of racial inclusion and racial diversity in the U.S. military. He has written articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. He is active in a variety of civic and cultural organizations including Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Life Member), Board President of El Refugio, Inc., and Deacon at Mount Carmel Pentecostal Church. Outside of professional interests, he travels, read, exercise, surf the web, continue to stay abreast on sociological topics of interest, and assist his fellow man when possible.

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