Courtship Companion: A Consulting Handbook for Singles

Author: DT. Tsokpor


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About the Book

Ever taken a course in how to or how not to get married? That is a privilege that hardly exists in our normal scheme of things. Marriage often tends to be that part of life that many jump into and are left to grope their way until failure begins to stare them in the face. It is at that point that many begin to seek teaching and counsel to help them cope with their situations. This book confronts the situation from a proactive perspective. The author advocates strongly for an approach that will supply the players in the marriage team with enough ‘schooling’ on the subject before they embark on this lifelong journey. The book is appropriately titled Courtship Companion to give an indication of its pre-marital emphasis. Though it’s a Consulting Handbook for Singles, its contents, however, are by no means exclusively for single persons only. As a hand book, even married persons may consult it in order to rejuvenate their love life. Remember, if you get your education and profession wrong, you can’t afford to add your marriage too! Read it and pass on.

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Pages: 192
Genre: Romance
Tags: #romance, #courtshipcompanion:aconsultinghandbookforsingles

About the Author

Daniel Tettey Tsokpor is a prolifi c Author of several books including the most read “Upper Joy Motivation, Seven Signs of Creativity & Development and The Rich Old Witch On Cakeland.” He is a natural leader and a Relationship Coach, a sought after conference Speaker and a worth-hearing Entrepreneur and Consultant. He manages three companies simultaneously with the skill in duplicating success in others. Daniel is a Master of Business Start-up; skillfully weaving business and love relationships in a manner that marvels his audience time and again. His qualifi cations are in Banking & Finance, Marketing Management, Spiritual studies, ICT among others. He is a Fellow of the US Department of States’ Community Solutions Program organized by IREX and a Preacher.

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