Never Give Up

Author: Merv Leech


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About the Book

In a motorcycle accident in November 2005, Merv was hit by a vehicle and suffered multiple injuries to his pelvis, shoulder, ankle, chest and head. The book covers the journey through intensive care in an induced coma, his reactions when he awoke with a closed head injury and broken body without feeling any pain. Then moving onto the challenges of a tough rehabilitation as Merv’s body and brain repaired and pain levels kicked in with full force. Included are all the highs and lows that Merv has lived through while dealing with a body that was no longer able to do many of the things he used to do. He had led a very active outdoor life before this accident and the sudden shock of not having a body that could work for him anymore was often almost more than he could bear. The recovery ride has been a roller coaster but very slowly it has improved and Merv has been able to undertake some great travel adventuress in recent years in spite of his ‘new normal’ body and its many restrictions.

Features & Details

Pages: 70
Genre: Autobiography
Tags: #autobiography, #nevergiveup

About the Author

Merv Leech has both motor mechanical and boiler maker trade backgrounds, college lecturing, owned his own businesses and worked in various management roles. He and his wife Wendy have also enjoyed buying and renovating homes both in the city and country over a 30 year period while raising four children. Having a mechanical mind, Merv has also bought and sold around 40 vehicles, 30 motor bikes and several boats over the past 45 years, including Jaguars, BMW's, Harley Davidsons and Ducatis. Merv also now enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren and road trips discovering the many beautiful parts of Australia. In the past, he has been an avid drag racer building his own dragsters, water skier and played competition squash, tennis and snooker. However, having a serious accident 9 years ago sustaining permanent disability has meant major changes in Merv's life as he has adjusted to a body that can no longer do most of these previous pleasures of work and recreation.

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