Africa Assassin-Gangster-Alienist Crux-vu-lux’s Enigma

Author: R. Warren Taurien


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About the Book

This is a story about a supernatural gangster doctor whose name is Dr. Director. He was called for his service to assist a bright but mystifying troubled youth at one of the boy’s orphanage schools in Ghana Africa. In Dr. Director’s mid-forties he became the surrogate father to Sambo Mahammad tutoring him into a new way of life and placed in the best educational schools outside Ghana. Later he entered into Ghana Medical School where he graduated at the top of his class. Upon his graduation he assisted his mentor Dr. Director traveling to villages across the continent where they discovered a middle aged African Chief Onanni suffering from feverish dehydration succumbed to death. Chief Onanni was from dehydration, feverish and succumbed to death. After examining the six wives Dr. Director knew from personal years past that the youngest woman was not chief Onanni’s wife but his daughter, so they took her back to Ghana and tutored her into knowledge she already possessed with her aptitude both doctors were astound, as she matured to the age where she was sent to Zambi University where she studied to become a medical pathologist. Through the years to come Dr. Director continued to expand his wealth in different Africa countries, the laughter no longer in his home they both missed her, they had become dependent on Zambiq in the stillness of their science hours when they`d tutor her through her stubborn reluctant diffident attitude the three of them would share their private humorless moment that created an open door into her psychic…It wasn`t long before the years of time passed she was back with her degree working at Ghana Medical school as Dr. Director and Dr. Sambo`O assistance ------!!!

Features & Details

Pages: 300
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #africaassassingangsteralienistcruxvulux’senigma

About the Author

Graduate of Flint Northern High School, 1957. Student DeVry Tech Institute, Chicago, Ill., 6 months. Flint Junior College, 6 months. Bakers Business University, Flint, Mi., 6 months. General Motors, Flint, Mi., 12 years. Hurly Hospital 1 year. Graduate of National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Carnegie Hall, N.Y, Manhattan.

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