Hire for Higher Performance

Hire for Higher Performance

Author: Jeff Blake
Pages: 72
Genre: Business & Economics
Paperback (9781945960482) $7.56
PDF (9781945960499) $3.99
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Many leaders and managers wonder why their staff or teams are rarely ever able
to improve their performance. They wonder why their performance is stuck at an
average level – or below average. They wonder if there are any good employees
available anywhere. They complain that they can’t fi nd good people.
Is this you? Are you that leader or manager who questions the effort of his or her
own people? If so, then you should know that your problem is rooted in your hiring
process. This book is for you.
This book is also for job candidates who would like a sneak peek at the interview
process to see what it might be like when they apply for a job in today’s marketplace.
This book will help you to prepare for the screening process and the interview.
Jeff H. Blake has over 25 years of experience as
an executive and hiring authority in Fortune 500 and Fortune
1,000 corporations in fi nancial services and in private, postsecondary
education. With a bachelor’s degree in applied
behavioral science, an MBA which concentrated on leadership
and change management and many certifi cations in business
and team leadership he is well-suited to understand the
characteristics of high-performing individuals and placing them
where their skills are utilized to the fullest. His experience with
leading high-performing teams has led to the highest achievements and recognitions for
success for many organizations.
Mr. Blake has developed a system for identifying potentially high performers from
candidates applying for roles within an organization. That system is what is being shared
with you in this book. Using that system will help you to Hire for Higher Performance!

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