Joy the Raindrop

Author: Dawn Michelle Davis


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About the Book

Joy the Raindrop is a story for small children to learn that they can be whatever they want to be. Life comes in all forms and we just take what Life gives us and the excitement of adapting to new things and the “Joy” of making it all happen. She finds herself meeting all kinds, and learning so many new “things”. She is never alone. Life guides her into a pond, a snowman, a rivulet, and playing as she slides from branch to branch. She even gets to watch as the animals prepare for winter. At the end she even gets to go in the rapids, then a long terrifying drop into the well after a waterfall and still she was never alone.

Features & Details

Pages: 44
Genre: Juvenile
Tags: #juvenile, #joytheraindrop

About the Author

Born February 1, 1969, a 10 month baby, still pushing for the very last, until needed, desperately. I grew up in El Paso, Texas. I was the youngest of 4 children, the baby. I was just the right size to be my sisters’ baby doll. Walking and talking early; I became a lover of books. My favorite author was and is Dr. Seuss. I loved the rhyming and the phonetics. I was so grateful to my first husband for being a Davis, now I could be.... Dr. Dawn. Dr. Dawn is a lover of paper: paper books, paper pictures, even paper money(Ha Ha). I also love humor. I can tell the most elephant jokes in one minute. Music and family are very important to me. Having a foundation to build on is important. Just like phonetics we have to give our children life lessons that are there even when the computers are down. I was programming computers at the age of 12 but those computers have become obsolete in the last 35 years. Children will never be obsolete. When they are given respect, and morals and love, those are the building blocks. This is my goal. This is me. This is who I want to be.

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