GPS Exercises / Reminders

GPS Exercises / Reminders

Author: Michael Manor MeMillen
Pages: 178
Genre: Education
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GPS/REMINDERS is a secular, ethics-based, language-arts-applied, behavior management tool, for AIAs (Adult-In-Authority) for any type of educational setting. GPS stands for Guided Protocol Scaffolding. The exercises are “guided” because they’re assigned, by an AIA. The term, “protocol,” refers to more appropriate behavior options, for a particular setting, activity, or interaction.
“Scaffolding,” represents the entire, interactive, GPS support structure, which benefits students and AIAs alike.

These GPS exercises (also known as REMINDERS) draw upon widely recognized, ethical behaviors, codes of conduct, social mores, and good, common-sense judgments, to assists young people, to demonstrate ethical behaviors, in word and deed.
Michael Manor McMillen is a 75-year-old, retired, elementary school teacher, who taught in California public schools, for 35 years. The majority of his students were Latino, living in Salinas, California. He earned a teaching credential and a BA in Spanish, through San Jose State University, and he later earned an MA, in kindergarten through 8th grade Science and Math, from Fresno Pacific University. He was born, raised, and schooled, through his junior college years, on California’s Monterey Peninsula. He created, used, and refined GPS/REMINDERS during most of his teaching career. Mr. McMillen developed GPS as an ethics-based/ language-arts applied, behavior-management system.

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