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About the Book

Millennia is a work of creative fiction that explores the changing dynamics of current-day male/female relationships under the parameters of the new millennial realities. These realities have redefined the truths of what is and is not; and what should, can, and will be acceptable for interactions among today’s young adults. The lives of a mother and daughter are examined from birth through adulthood under these new dynamics. The daughter, Chloe, is guided and finally transformed by the various events and relationships these realities have spawned. Her most dynamic relationship catapults her through a web of events, over the period of one catastrophic week-end during the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. Her journey toward inner-truth finally culminates in self-awareness and ultimate acceptance of the new-world realities.

Features & Details

Pages: 116
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #millennia

About the Author

T.N. Bryan is a native of Washington, District of Columbia where she grew up and attended parochial school. Her first novel, “Shibboleths’ Choices” is currently under release. A 9/11 widow, Teresa enjoys retirement in North Carolina where she is surrounded by the love of her three children and ten grandchildren.

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