Poetry Therapy

Author: Mira Ksiva

(9781942703235 )

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About the Book

Too agoraphobic to leave your house to see a psychologist? Too much social phobia to join a therapy group? Well, you’ve come to the right book. Poetry Therapy is about a young woman (me!)going through life while dealing with depression/ anxiety. It is mainly told through poems and reflections that are both humorous and painful (for when Hallmark just doesn’t cut it). These mental musings (yes, I meant it that way) are designed to help everybody – clinically diagnosed or not - as we all go through these emotions at some point in our lives. This book is Therapoetic and entertaining. After all, why shouldn’t mental issues be fun?

Features & Details

Pages: 64
Genre: Poetry
Tags: #poetry, #poetrytherapy

About the Author

Mira has been dealing with mental illnesses for many years. For example, she loves to exercise and adores doing her kids’ homework (they never gave enough of that when she was in school). Whenever she’s not at work (and sometimes while she is) she is always reading or writing.

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