Ariadne’s War: Sorcerer’s Dilemma

Author: John Sinisi


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About the Book

Bezriel is the home of sorcery powerful enough to transform the world. For many Bezrielites, including the powerful young sorceress, Ariadne, sorcery is the mystical key to living in harmony with nature. But for William, the most powerful sorcerer in modern times, sorcery means power over nature and people. Ariadne’s War is the story of three intertwining struggles: the civil war between modernizing King Soren and a rebellious nobility determined to preserve feudal traditions; the war of four mighty kingdoms triggered by Soren’s expansionist ambitions; the struggle between the sorcerers William and Ariadne over the future of sorcery and the soul of Bezriel.

Features & Details

Pages: 228
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #ariadne’swar:sorcerer’sdilemma

About the Author

John Sinisi, the author of Ariadne’s War, is a retired university professor who spent as much time reading fiction as the philosophy, economics and business literature that he taught. He had a decades long fascination with science fiction and fantasy, especially books, such as Asimov’s Foundation novels and Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, which while entertaining the reader, teach much about the hidden depths of the world we live in.

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