Author: Laura Rosek


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She lay there in the darkness watching the light go on and o¡ from a house across the road. Each time it came on, it lit up the picture of a dove on her bedroom wall. ‘I wish I could transport my spirit into that dove and fly over the ocean to face him and make him understand how much he has hurt me with all his lies! Why doesn’t he confess to his family that our love child is his? Doesn’t he realise what he has done to our daughter? Why didn’t he try to understand me more? Why couldn’t he see what I was going through with my parents? Why couldn’t he understand that my hormones were all over the place? Why did he push me away instead of accepting what I was going through and help me? Why? Why? Why!?’ She closed her eyes, wanting to sleep, wanting to forget the hurt she has carried within her all these years. She felt a heavy feeling within her chest. ‘Please, Lord, not again,’ she softly whispered as she felt the tears rise like a tempest inside her and trickle down her cheek onto her pillow. . .

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Pages: 344
Genre: Biography
Tags: #biography, #misunderstood

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