A Message Within It’s Words

Author: Paul Mason


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About the Book

The point of my book is to reach those that I know and do not in hoping that there is something I written may get their attention about what is occurring within their life or someone they know, and if I haven’t written about something that may be happening within a person life the messages written will provoke a thought to what it is going on and that person will take actions in correcting it with God at their side. Also, I hope that for those with the mindset that the scriptures written in the bible does not relate to today’s time, and by reading the book a person will realize the only difference is the era and that the God then is still the God now, and what He did for those of biblical time He will do the same for this and coming time.

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Pages: 124
Genre: Self-Help
Tags: #selfhelp, #amessagewithinit’swords

About the Author

Hello my name is Paul Mason and I’m like many of God sheep’s that ran off from the direction God was in, but because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ He have brought me back up under the umbrella of God in protecting me from the weight of God enemies within this world through His forgiveness. For that my relationship with God have been restored and I now wake daily feeling and knowing God present is within me, and because God is back into my life my thinking is thought out thoroughly so it in away reflect that I’m changing for I’m a child of God again.

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