A Flame of Fire

Author: Khalil E. Nikkhessal


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About the Book

Of course, life does not consist only of disturbing memories. There are so many occasions in our life that are very good and the people are happy. There were also many moments in my lifetime when I was full of success and happiness. Memories of our mistakes and problems which make up stories. While the problems often remain in the memories, the good memories always pass by so fast. For this purpose, in most stories, happy memories always ended too soon. I had learned, from the stones that were thrown to me, to build the firm steps to success and climbed from them and I also did it. I was successful in my career even when I was as a religious minority in Iran, where I did not even have the right to live. From zero financial support and a room in my parent’s home, I did build a three thousand square meters plant with hundreds of employees. However, the last stone was a power of the mountain and has thrown from a few directions to me, which has thrown me from the top to down. Ok, it is life, and I can only say who I am thirty years older. I am glad that had my mission is done and happy and that my health is maintained. What was amazing, if I might leave alone for a few minutes, was the ability to be a true dream when I could enter into a state of real survival, into a state of blankness, into a quiet place, painless and peaceful, where I could hold all the times of the world.

Features & Details

Pages: 120
Genre: Biography
Tags: #biography, #aflameoffire

About the Author

Khalil was born in Yazd, Iran, on April 11, 1941. He was the fourth child in a family of seven (a brother, three sisters, and his parents). He was raised in the religion Bahá’í. He got his master’s degree in electronics from the Technical University of Frankfurt in 1970 in Germany and married Farahnaz at the same year. They have three children—one son and two daughters—and two grandsons.

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