Life’s Challenges Over Me

Author: Asuman .


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About the Book

Ali is only young boy when he loses both his parents. To fulfill his mother’s dying wish, Ali pledges to never give up and begins working odd jobs, like cleaning cars and shoes. One day while Ali is working, he meets Mr. Arden a wealthy man who adopts him as a son and renames him Jonnish. Although Jonnish enjoys living in a new house full of luxuries, he must also face the challenges of unexplainable memory loss, serious medical problems and grief over the loss of his family. Readers who are interested in novels featuring compelling characters as well as strong message, such as never giving up hope despite how challenging life might seem, will enjoy Life’s Challenges Over Me.

Features & Details

Pages: 108
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #life’schallengesoverme

About the Author

Hello, my name is Hamidullokh Zabikhullaev I was born in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. My family were musicians. My father, mother my two older brothers and me went to same music school. Every body loved music in our family but I wasn’t fan of piano or other music instruments. I sold a lot of books when I was eleven twelve years old because my mother was author too. I used to sell her books outside, to my friends or to people who interested in reading. In 2012 we moved to the other part of the world, America and I had to start everything all over again but I loved learning English and loved writing in English and here I am with my first book on my hand when I am only eighteen years old.

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