You Are 10

Author: Leo F. Batista


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About the Book

This book is about geometry, the female and male form. And what comes to be when they work together. This is about the basic of the numbers and its frequency, it touches the subject of the two energy form that compose the universe. Every movement of the universe have a reflection on this planet, that what you call nature, is that reflection is our best teacher. If you want to understand the universe.

Features & Details

Pages: 98
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #youare10

About the Author

Me, am a human being just like you, with the same needs and work that we have to put up to maintain this body. What is important is how awaken are you, how munch understanding you have of the reality all around you. Lest put it this way. Just like water hold a fish. Just like air hold a bird. Dark matter hold the earth. That what you think is empty space, is actually a field of energy. Which is cold and dark. The only heat and light we get is from the sun. When light appear darkness do not goes away, if it so, how do you account for you shadow. These two fields of energy exist both at the same place at the same time, by doing so they regulate space in the form we call temperature. All knowledge exist everywhere at all time, is up to you when are going to see it. We all learn a litter more every day, I hope this book serve you to do so.

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