Norman's Problem or I Want More Cake!

Norman's Problem or I Want More Cake!

Author: Iris D. QuiƱones
Pages: 54
Genre: Children
Paperback (9781945960826) $21.30
Hardback (9781945960833) $37.62
PDF (9781945960840) $3.99
EPUB (9781945960857) $3.99
Kindle (9781945960864) $3.99


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It is a short book about math. It will help kids to understand how easy is to work with fractions. It give the kid the idea of learning math is easier than they thought. It could happen to anyone. My kids love it!
Iris Quinones, Spanish Teacher, with a lot of love for math and kids. She have been telling stories to her grandkids and her students to help them understand math without having to memorize rules. Using everyday experience and things that kids can relate too, are her way of teaching math to elementary school students. A graduate from Salamanca University, with a Master in Spanish Language and Culture, and with a Bachelor Degree in Business, with a Major in Accounting. Open her mind on the need of helping kids to play with everyday math.

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