I Want A Cocky For Christmas

Author: V.J. Farrell


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About the Book

Owning a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo as a pet is a huge commitment. This book covers the responsibilities of ownership from the selection of the species to the pitfalls of training and care. Comical and sad childhood and family stories are used to reinforce this message of responsible pet ownership. The book begins with the authors Cockatoo and her early experiences with him. The next chapter covers her second bird and the sad story of how he succumbed to PBFD, a very harsh viral disease. The final chapter is the story of Bert, her third and most exceptional Cockatoo. Bert became a celebrity in his own right by entertaining the public with fund-raising and human interest presentations. In the epilogue the author explores how she is coping without her friend and companion.

Features & Details

Pages: 186
Genre: Education
Tags: #education, #iwantacockyforchristmas

About the Author

V.J Farrell was born and raised in Vic Australia. She raised 5 children and became an accomplished artist painting Australian Landscapes. Inspired by her long standing love of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, she sets out to inform the public of their responsibilities as owners of these beautiful and intelligent Australian birds. She tells of the difficulties she overcame when training her first bird and the sad experience when her second cockatoo died of a viral disease. Her third bird, Bert, became a well-known celebrity for his charity work and entertaining visits to the elderly and infirm. Included are stories they endured travelling with a cockatoo. Her accounts of travelling throughout Australia with her cockatoo will have you in fits of laughter or wiping away tears of grief. The book will educate the avid bird lover the pleasures and pitfalls of owning a Cockatoo as a pet.

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