The Caliph's Favorite

The Caliph's Favorite

Author: Naava Mashiah
Pages: 210
Genre: History
Paperback (9781946955548) $13.37
PDF (9781946955555) $3.99
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In The Caliph’s Favorite, author Naava Mashiah sets her work of historical
fi ction in Andalusia, Spain, during the Muslim Caliphate of Abd al Rahman III at
Medina al Zahra. The Caliph ruled with his vizier, Hasdai Ibn Shaprut, a devout
Jew, by his side. In Cordoba’s atmosphere of peaceful-coexistence, Muslims,
Jews, and Christians lived, worked, and worshipped in a climate of mutual
respect. Sadly, human nature is not perfect, and such harmony is not sustainable.
Still, precious lessons can be learned from both its ascent and its demise.

The Caliph’s Favorite provides a lyrically-framed window on a halcyon place
during a halcyon time. As with all things human, greed, lust, and suspicion
insinuate themselves into the careful balance. Still, in Andalusia, for one golden
moment, the best in humanity came to the fore.
Mashiah’s extensively-researched, emotionally resonant novel offers in sights
into the glorious possibility of societal, cultural, and religious co-existence,
while also revealing the dark, secret histories that unravel the best of human
Naava Mashiah is a former Israeli diplomat whom has been active in ecomic
cooperation in the MENA region for over 20 years.
She founded ME Links, a company specializing in regional economic cooperation
and connects businesses across geopolitical borders in transfer of technology
in MENA. She is active in informal diplomacy and international conferences
taking place in European capitals and Gulf region with infl uentialfi gures from
the MENA region.
Naava is the author of Israel 2023: Closing the circle.She has published articles about Middle Eastern affairs in Status magazine,
Common Ground News, Khaleej Times, Daily News Egypt, ME Links has been
featured in ‘Globes’. Her articles have been translated to Arabic, Indonesian,
Urdu, French and Hebrew.
She is a member of YPO, Alpine Chapter.Naava resides in Geneva, Switzeland.

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