How Smoking Quit Me

Author: James J. McGill


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About the Book

This book exposes the anatomy of tobacco addiction. What it is, what it is not and that’s just the beginning. Just as important the book addresses you the tobacco addict. It shows through lens of someone who has fully recovered from the addiction, who you really are. And to the surprise of many, you as a smoker are not who you may think! Addiction is a disease that convinces its victims it isn’t there. It will tell you it doesn’t exist, as it is slowly or sometimes quickly killing you. You are not helpless or hopeless. I thought I was and at the time I was very sick and on the verge of a deadly disease. But I was fortunate to find the simple truth that all addicts wish for; namely, the way out.

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Pages: 50
Genre: Education
Tags: #education, #howsmokingquitme

About the Author

I am dedicated to freedom from addiction, tobacco being one of more sinister ones. I have successfully fought a spiritual battle against addictions since my early twenties (now 62). Addictions of several types has taken many of my family and friends to an early grave. I know addiction, the lies it tells and what to do to get rid of it, as if it never happened. I know that sounds incredible but I have a track record of doing just that, eradicating addictions as if it never happened. I am glad I had the trouble, sickness and pain of addictions because it afforded me lessons learned that are invaluable to my spiritual growth and to aid others in their spiritual growth and victory over tobacco addiction.

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