Star Testament

Author: Mark Mcgunegill


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About the Book

The discovery of a habitable planet around the star Tau Ceti, spawned a new era of scientific breakthrough in the late twenty-first century. Magnetic propulsion was perfected, at long last making it possible to explore another star system. In the year 2095, the interstellar vessel ODYSSEY with its crew of three men and three women, embarked on an epic journey to explore a world where no human had gone before. Ceti 2, their long awaited destination, is a planet remarkably like Earth in many ways. Its evolution nearly parallels that of Earth. Their mission becomes complicated when they realize that they have landed on a planet embroiled in a great power struggle and on the verge of war. Can they remain neutral observers? Or will they choose sides and take part in a bitter native conflict? And what is the source of the mysterious planetary forces that seem to intervene in the conflict? Take part in this unique space adventure as it carries you along with thrills, action and unexpected twists.

Features & Details

Pages: 154
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #startestament

About the Author

McGunegill has been an Independent Filmmaker and Screenwriter for many years. His favorite genres have been Science Fiction and Historical Fiction as well as historically factual dramatizations. Mark’s first book: Star Testament was first published in 2014. His second book: THE STRANGER RETURNS was published in 2016. He has also been an expert scale Model Maker for £lm and display. His model of the Revolutionary War Submarine “Turtle” which was used in his 1988 Documentary, The Eagle and the Turtle has been on display in the Smithsonian Museum of American History for several years. Mark has also worked for several years in the Construction Industry as a Superintendent and an Independent Contractor. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife, Susan and they have a daughter, Ashley.

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