A Chaplain’s Book Of Poems

Author: Chaplain Anthony


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About the Book

God gives me these poems, they are like a seed. They are written for all and any that are in need. These poems answer a problem or situation for some. Yes! They are designed to help people, but not everyone. Each person has a challenge going on in their life. These circumstances can cause quarrels, heartaches and strife. Jesus didn’t cause these, He came to give us abundant life. So, when bad things happen, don’t blame your husband or wife. Satan, the enemy, wants to make you miserable today. So, it’s very important to watch what you think, do and say. Speak kind words, think pure thoughts, and do good deeds. And, when you are helping others don’t be stingy, instead exceed. Remember, God is watching, and He knows what’s going on. In these days and times, we must remain strong. It’s so good to know that this isn’t all there is, or will be. As Christians, hallelujah! We can look forward to heaven for eternity. Seeds as we all know, take time to sprout and mature. Thus, these poems from me, will be available for evermore. They may not help you today, but they will help some. And, when I write what I am told, then my work is done

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Pages: 132
Genre: Poetry
Tags: #poetry, #achaplain’sbookofpoems

About the Author

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND is a retired European naturopath doctor and an active Chaplain. He began writing his poems on February 28, 2012, which he says was a “brand new gift from God”. Anthony is inspired to write a poem almost every day, sometimes even two or more in one day, which he says the Lord gives him the words for — sometimes almost faster than he can type! He says that these poems are his “gift to the world”, and leaves them as his legacy. The Lord has recently given Anthony a new talent, adding music to some of his poems. He is very excited about this, and truly believes they will be very sought after as children’s songs! When not writing, Anthony loves to fish whenever possible. He also plays the musical saw, which he has done for many years. He is an avid health nut and exercises 3x weekly, plus, walks or runs to the post office daily with his very friendly and approved nursing home therapy dog, Zip. Anthony also lifts weights and eats mostly organic, or the best foods possible, plus has a “green drink” daily. When Anthony was an active naturopath doctor, he specialized in iridology, kinesiology and reflexology. He also developed an herbal body wrap that enabled his patients to lose up to 35 inches of fat in one day. Anthony has three amazing sons James, Larry and Tray that he is very proud of. They are raising amazing Murphy families. Ultimately, Chaplain Anthony Murphy bequests blessings to all that read his God inspired poems.

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