The Revelation Unlocked

Author: Carolyn M. Prince


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About the Book

Prophetic events in The Revelation of Jesus Christ have been locked from our understanding ever since they were given to John about AD 95. However, God has never intended that His people be in darkness during the fulfillment of latter-day prophecies. Daniel was told that the words of his latter-day prophecy were closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Then none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand. This is “the time of the end”! Now, at last, symbols in Revelation, as well as other parts of the Bible, are explained from Scripture in a way that can be easily understood. The Revelation Unlocked tells about the redemption of Israel and explains the series of events by which Almighty God will bring into effect His promises given in Genesis to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, ultimately revealing His supreme power over all creation. This enlightening, thought-provoking, and easy-to-read book includes many end-time details never before never before pointed out in scripture.

Features & Details

Pages: 322
Genre: Religion
Tags: #religion, #therevelationunlocked

About the Author

Carolyn M. Prince is a business, church, and civic leader residing with her husband in Loris, South Carolina. At a young age, she often saw latter-day prophecy different from the way it was presented. She thought she was just confused, but later the Holy Spirit led her to realize this may not be the case. She asked God to help her see the truth during Bible study; and when studying latter-day prophecy, most of the time, the Holy Spirit led her to understand it completely different from what was being taught by others. Prayerfully, she told God that if He would show her the truth from Scripture, she would write it down. After many years of Bible study, the answer to that prayer resulted in The Revelation Unlocked.

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