Who is Malcolm Black?

Who is Malcolm Black?

Author: Marcus .
Pages: 326
Genre: Fiction
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Welcome to the world of Malcolm Black, he is the man behind the men
who run the drug cartel of the world. His name, only a few key men
know because, he lives in the shadows. Legally he is the business man,
investor and philanthropist that no one meets. Forced to leave his
hometown of Miami, Florida after being betrayed by his partner, he has
lived this way for years.
Now he’s come out of the shadows and his candid willingness to cut
down anyone in his way exposes his ruthlessness to the world. He
comes back to America to reconnect with the son he’s never met and
the girlfriend he left behind. Malcolm’s coming to doesn’t go unnoticed
by the Federal Government who plans on using its full force to bring
him down.
Author Marcus, 43 years old, was born in the
Bahamas and moved to Miami, Florida at a young age.
He introduces his independent style and is presently
working to develop a breakaway romance novel. His
dream is to travel the world and bring more of his
works to life.

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