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About the Book

Tančica (means Veil) is a story about discovering the world on the other side of the Veil (or shall we say in hidden debts of each of us) where everybody has a soul mate ready to help her/him strive to fulfill his/her part in the Story of life. Everyone has a purpose, everyone is unique and equally important for the Story. The book is an uplifting, adventure filled call out to everyone to live his/her life to the fullest, to be who she is and believe in himself and the support of the Universe. The main character – Lilo – goes through a fantasy filled journey of discovering who she really is, a fairy princess from beyond the Veil. A story for ages 10 to 100.

Features & Details

Pages: 328
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: #fantasy, #tančica

About the Author

Iva is a free spirit, creator of new worlds, who uses fiction and storytelling to introduce spirituality to younger as well as older generations. Besides her love for storytelling, she enjoys dancing (contemporary and swing), spending time in nature, climbing, reading and watching films. After studying mass media and communication she spent a year in Bretagne (France), where the fascinating nature and old legends inspired her to start writing. Tančica is her debut book. She lives and works in Slovenia.

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