The State OF America: The Beginning

Author: Eric P. Powers


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About the Book

The country is wrought with martial law and civil upheaval. Life as we knew it changed dramatically after our homeland was invaded. Most major cities are left standing, while nearly all of the small towns and suburbs have been over-run. Some people join together in order fight back, while others just conform, or even worse! Deception, torture, lies, and murder, are just to name a few of the things happening everywhere in this story. Step inside the minds of several key players from both sides of the conflict, and discover the secrets behind what’s really been going on!

Features & Details

Pages: 278
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: #fantasy, #thestateofamerica:thebeginning

About the Author

Eric P Powers was born Zen Almustafa Powers in Stuart, Florida, on June 26th, 1976. Aside from urinating in the doctor’s face, the birth went rather well. After his parents split up a few years later, Zen was taken to live in Australia for a period of about 3 years. It was within that time period that he decided his name needed to change to something less conspicuous, and “made fun of”. He decided to rename himself Eric Preston Powers, and as a result was less bullied from then on. Living in Australia was something Eric loved very much, though he missed his father and had no contact with him. Eventually things became tough again, this time financially, and so the family moved back to the United States. It was at this time that Eric was reunited with his father, whom he had not seen in the past 3 years. They met at the old fort located in St. Augustine, Florida. Upon seeing his father again, Eric begged desperately to return home with him. His mother reluctantly agreed, and so then he went to live with his father in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Eric did well in school, even getting straight A’s once or twice in high school. He graduated with honors from Westwood High School in 1995; though he attended Port Saint Lucie High School for nearly the entire time, and considers it to be his alma mater. Eric moved out at the age of 17, and joined the work force as an electricians’ apprentice. He caught on quickly to the trade, and rapidly expanded his repertoire to include plumbing, air conditioning, gas, security systems, telecommunications, and yacht repair. If it was broken, Eric could probably fix it. Throughout the years of working Eric encountered many different types of people, all with different views and opinions on life. He worked hard and did his jobs well, though he always tried to stay off the radar, so to speak. While working around some of these people, Eric became privy to things that some would say only take place in conspiracy novels. He remained quiet and unseen, while doing his job without question, year after year. Eventually the abuse to his body through extreme work conditions took its toll, and with extensive injuries to his neck and back, he needed to make a change. Being diagnosed with COPD, Eric found it much easier to breathe in the colder, less humid air of the Pacific Northwest. So he packed up his things, and moved to the great state of Washington. Eric continued to try and find work that he could do in his present condition, picking up odd jobs here and there that required no heavy lifting. One such job was to help someone replace a burnt out electrical panel at their house so they could have electricity again. With temperatures that were expected to reach below 20 degrees that night, having the electricity on again was extremely important. However when he was nearing his destination, Eric encountered a situation that would change his life forever. Eric always had a strange way of being able to tell when something wasn’t quite right. Proof in point would be the time he saved a bunch of people from a burning building in the middle of the night (No, I am not kidding, he really did save a bunch of families, babies included, from a burning apartment building) with virtually no evidence that there was anything wrong, aside from a “funky” smell and a light “haze” in the kitchen. So when he saw a downed power line in the road, Eric immediately knew something was wrong. At that very moment Eric’s friend (also in the car) rolled his window down, and suddenly everyone in the car could hear the blood curdling screams of a girl in dire need of help. The events that unfolded that night took such a harsh toll on him, that he was barely even able to complete the job he original went up the mountain to do in the first place. For days and days the memories flashed in his head, over and over again. Eric finally decided that in order to try and purge these horrific memories from his head, he needed to put the tragic event he witnessed onto paper; to be passed along with hopes of reminding everyone just how short life can be. The story was well received by the public, and he was asked by several people, including most notably his step-mother, Naval Captain Stephanie Powers, to begin writing a fictional piece. Soon all the years of watching what was going on in the world, coupled with all the conversations he was privy to, would become the main driving force behind Eric’s story telling. Living a life behind the scenes has left him with a great may tale to tell. Inside his fiction, he brings us non-fiction infused with thought provoking catalysts, all aimed at entertaining those that seek enlightenment and adventure. Over the years he had written many pieces, from poetry to short stories, but only recently had he finally gotten the time to work on his novels. Eric P Powers is engaged to his long term girlfriend Diane, and resides in the great state of Washington (with some visits to family in Florida and England). He is currently working on the sequel to The State of America, and can be reached by email at, and we welcome you to visit Eric’s website at

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