Battersea Island

Author: Robert H. Nieder


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About the Book

Mathias Kamau-Barrett takes a hiatus from college to spend time on Battersea Island. He is hopeful that he can get involved with the residents and help them in their tax assessment problem. Upon his arrival to the remote location, he quickly becomes acquainted with Harper Shaye, lead advocate in the fight against the county. Becoming immersed in the situation, he discovers that he possesses the paranormal ability to read people and situations, which guides him to believe that there are ulterior motives within the county and the state to remove an indigenous population from their land.

Features & Details

Pages: 274
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #batterseaisland

About the Author

Coming off of his first novel, Sense of a Hummingbird, Bob Nider is a fictional author, presenting his second tale, Battersea. Born and raised in The Bronx, New York Bob is an avid sports aficionado now retired on the West Coast of Florida. When he’s not engrossed with an odd character or two Bob is provoking his wife Carmen, his daughter, Lyndsy and their dogs and cat, Oreo, Lucky and Creeper.

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