Crisis at the Threshold

Author: Siegfried Finser


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About the Book

From his prison cell, Armand Dillon designs a plot to defeat his enemies and regain his prominence as the President and CEO of TCP Corporation. He solicits the help of the only convicts who will be out on parole shortly. They are a strange lot, unreliable, flawed, but apparently willing to do his bidding for a price. The other characters in this third book of a trilogy are a mixture of imperfect but developing humans at various crossroads in their lives. Lucinda is considering a new career, Stu and Bennet are very likely to betray Armand, and Shaman Pi is given a task he is barely capable of executing. Rachel, the long-suffering ex-wife of Armand Dillon is having mysterious spiritual experiences that test her sanity and her beliefs. Through study and meditation, she is approaching initiation and lives through her own crisis at the threshold. Waldorf education, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy move into the current mainstream of human experience. The real heroin is Emily, the nine-year-old girl who demonstrates the most remarkable courage and discernment in facing her greatest challenge. Partly due to her, all these twelve characters take steps in their development as appropriate for their individual destinies. This is fiction, but reality fiction.

Features & Details

Pages: 160
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #crisisatthethreshold

About the Author

Siegfried is the founder of RSF Social Finance, a nonprofit financial services organization that has pioneered associative economics by connecting financial transactions with the highest intentions of the human spirit. He currently serves on the board and advises selected clients. He has written children’s books, plays, and books about money and destiny. His current novel features the struggle of humanity between head and heart domination. He blames the majority of our social problems worldwide on the focus of our present educational institutions on the exclusive development of the intellect. Siegfried has been a Waldorf schoolteacher, a corporate executive, and a consultant. He has a BA from Rutgers University and an MA from New York University. His published works include Money Can Heal, Footprints of an Angel, and A Guide to Full Enrollment. As a young man, he traveled the country in freight trains and reefers, picked fruit, and sold bibles. All these grassroots experiences have enriched his fifty short stories! He is appreciative of the wonderful support of his wife, Ruth; three grown children, Torin, Mark, and Angela; and seven grandchildren. They exceed his fondest wishes for them.

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