Author: Terry W. Drake


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About the Book

Restitution is the second book in a series of Father Damien’s War and follows after “Sanctuary.” This book continues the life of Father Damien in Bergamo, Italy toward the end of World War II. He inherits the responsibilities of the underground leadership through the death of his best friend Mathew Gillespie. He attempts to reconcile his faith with the obligations of war in his struggle to protect his community. Members of his alliance are called on to destroy the supply headquarters at the Bergamo airfields controlled by the German army. Major Friedel escapes his captors and evades their pursuit across Italy into Switzerland. He is the German Officer who is also wanted for war crimes and is pursued by the allies. The German force he commanded under Colonel Anton Fahn had secretly hid artifacts and wealth plundered from the communities that they raided. The search for this wealth is complicated by the death of Colonel Fahn and his subordinates who hid the treasure. The discovery of this treasure marks the background for this story as good pursues evil for restitution.

Features & Details

Pages: 330
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #restitution

About the Author

The author was born in Pittsburg, Kansas on July 20, 1948. It is a small town in the south east corner of the state. He joined the United States Air Force in the middle of the Vietnam War era in August of 1966. He served four years in the military acquiring the G.I. Bill for his college education. He attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City where he earned his Bachelor in Business Administration degree and continued on in graduate school. He obtained his Master in Business Administration in May of 1975 and received his Certificate in Public Accounting in June of 1976. The author is the former General Manager for the Board of Public Utilities in Kansas City, Kansas and a former Board Member for the American Public Power Association. He has served on the Board of Western Fuels Association and is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In his last eight years in public service he lived in the United States Territory of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas. He served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Water and Power Authority and as a special financial consultant to the Government of the Virgin Islands. Mr. Drake is the father of three children. The first being Terry Christine Drake who lives in Snohomish, Washington with her husband Michael and their two sons Sean and Jacob. His daughter Dresden Marie Drake Goldberg lives in Fresco, Texas with her husband, Stephen Goldberg. Finally, the author’s son Brandon Lee Drake lives in Tampa, Florida just after serving eight years in the United States Navy stationed in Japan.

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