Tracey Tea Pot : The Anniversary Present

Tracey Tea Pot : The Anniversary Present

Author: M.W. Patterson
Pages: 26
Genre: Children
Paperback (9781640690318) $11.99
PDF (9781640690318) $3.99
EPUB (9781640690325) $3.99
Kindle (9781640690332) $3.99


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Tracey Tea pot loved her life. She lived on Patterson Farm, near Parsnip Wood. She had a warm, loving nature and adored her family.
Her pride of place was in the kitchen on top of the stove. Tracey Teapot was born in Parsnip Wood. She was made by the elves who lived in the wood. They had given her magical powers.
Dad brought her to the Patterson house when he found her one day while out walking with Rusty, the family dog. She loved all the warm smells, chattering, and laughter in the old kitchen – the heart of the household.
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