The Fragments of a Broken Life

Author: Aline Marie Fey


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About the Book

“The Fragments of a Broken Life” is an incredibly overwhelming story of an isolated and abused little girl … Leena. These pages reveal an overwhelming, behind the scenes, insight concerning child molestation and rape … family denials … the no-talk rule … and, the cruel and detrimental silence and guilt that is forced upon its victims! Unfolded here, are many painful truths which are, even now, locked away in many homes all across this nation. Read and be enlightened, how “a trusting little girl” might give her body away, making an oath of silence to herself, in order to protect the ones she loves. You’ll see, clearly, how young women who have been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused as little girls could become bitter, vengeful, full of hate, suicidal … and, often incapable of trusting or receiving love from a man. One of the most extraordinary things about Leena’s story is that she chose to raise her beloved, beautiful child who was born out of the molestation committed against her by her stepfather. But, rather than a story of dismay … See for yourself, how Leena experiences the “Hand of God” reaching into the entanglement of her life with all His goodness and mercy. How parent He was, as He drew her to Himself and taught her to “forgive”, in order to be set free! Read how, God never gave up on her … although she’d often given up on herself; and, how He took “The Fragments of a Broken Life” and made her whole again.

Features & Details

Pages: 150
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #thefragmentsofabrokenlife

About the Author

Aline Marie Fey is an ordinary Christian woman and a first-time published author. She has two daughters, ten grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren. Among the things she loves are singing, writing songs and poetry, quilting, sewing, crocheting, making dolls and, researching genealogy for loved ones and friends. However, the one thing at the top of her priority list is “Advocating Against Childhood Sexual Abuse”! Outside of her family, her greatest concern is for those whose lives are similar to her own. There are multitudes of precious children who have or are being victimized right now; and, they need to be assured that their desire for a genuine, sincere, and meaningful validation for the traumatic and tormenting episodes that were so ruthlessly inflicted upon them is real and justified. It is equally important … certainly, no less imperative, to her, that each individual has the knowledge that our Lord and Savior is and has always been with them; and that He cares for each and every one. For this reason, she has chosen to write her story. Her desire is that this book reaches out to everyone … men and women alike, family members, friends, neighbors, teachers and Pastors. In doing so, she believes many hearts can and shall be mended … thereby allowing them to live more “Victorious and peaceful lives”.

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