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About the Book

This book explains the intended purpose of the Bible.

From scripture you will discover how God’s original calendar is calculated and how He uses it to set His prophetic feasts which Jesus if fulfilling.

Here you will discover the true understanding of the prophecies yet to be fulfilled as well as explaining ones that have gone before.

A complete Biblically based chronological time line from creation to the end of the age is included which is linked directly to our Gregorian calendar.

In addition there is all the relevant end times information needed for Christians to make the necessary informed decisions about their future during these last days.

This book is Biblically deciphered instruction manual to the end times and is the Christian’s definitive guide to the Bible.

To find out more about this exciting new book and what it means to you as a Christian please go to:

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Pages: 432
Genre: Religion
Tags: #religion, #thechristian’sguidetothebible

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