The Answer: The Energy Dynamic Model

Author: Jennifer Foster MA BSC


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About the Book

Human nature is changing. The last forty years of modern day living has corrupted our inherent caveman makeup and caused an evolutionary shift within us all. How we, as a society, have unconsciously created this situation and how this has manipulated our very core, is what is examined in the Energy Dynamic series of books. To find a way to re-address this balance and to start our own individual revolution, it is essential to first of all understand how this whole state came into beginning in the first place. Book 1’ ‘The Answer’ looks at the socio-ecomonical history of the Western world. At what point did the education system and working culture start to undo our usual way of being? Why did this happen and how can we start to learn how to contain and control this corruption of self? By examining how our minds and feelings have been sabotaged by the illusionary targets sold to us by the mainstream leaders who have portrayed this idea as world economic success, we begin to see the way forward. A dialogue between two people set in a couple of simple locations, this book is written as a play.

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Pages: 130
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #theanswer:theenergydynamicmodel

About the Author

Jennifer Foster MA BSc was born in the UK, Middlesex in 1968. Realising that the world was not as straightforward as it seemed, at 15 years old she started to scribble down stick men and draw diagrams to see if she could make sense of what was going on around her. She added to the knowledge she gained by studying Economics and Philosophy to a Master’s Degree level in the 1990s and included the work experiences she had with people with mental health conditions, learning difficulties, business coaching and working with families who were struggling. At the end of 2012 she put all this learning together and the Energy Dynamic model was born. The next five years were spent writing two books and making over 100 videos about the model. In 2016, she opened an online Academy and self-published the books. Anyone in the world can now access this valuable knowledge. She is looking to expand the reach of the Energy Dynamic model and welcomes all people to the Energy Dynamic Academy. The entrance to this experience is www. Jennifer lives in Wales with her three children and is starting to write her third book.

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