Little Spiders Big Web

Author: S J Gero


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About the Book

When Bill Robinson agreed to help the beautiful Stephanie find who had ordered the kill shot on her father twenty-five years ago, he knew it was much more than a cold case. What he didn’t know, was how hot it would get the deeper he dug into the past or the danger that waited for him and everyone he talked to. Jill Benoit was retired from law enforcement and had every intention of staying that way. She had put in her twenty-five years and was more than ready to become a contented Vermont recluse - if only her neighbor would let her be. And then there were those annoying calls from that guy Robinson-and soon Jill was drawn into the same web of treachery and conspiracy that would lead her and Bill to the brink of death. Will the quiet Vermont landscape and Mountains of Washington State hide their secrets for another half century? Will the truth of a decade’s old crime come to light - and will anyone have proof? Can anyone really break the web of fear and hate and destroy the spiders that weave it?

Features & Details

Pages: 242
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #littlespidersbigweb

About the Author

The author was born in Barre, Vermont and spent her adult life there after a brief stay in Pittsfield, MA following her father’s death. For the five decades after high school she pursued every path that challenged her regardless of the ‘appropriate’ mores of the times. The more different it was the more she wanted to try it out. She often referred to herself as non-traditional long before the phrase became popular. After a series of failed attempts to break the barriers into police academies, she returned to school and got her degree in Sociology with a psychology minor while waiting for the rules to loosen up! Her jobs as welder, mechanic, mainstream production worker, kitchen help, traffic flagger, and a score of other ventures were not going to pay back her student loans without having to drastically alter her married life, so she went on to graduate school and waited some more. Finally in 1990 she landed in law enforcement and went on to the academy fulfilling her second greatest wish--her daughter being her first. The story of course continues and she now is living in Montana with different pups in a different house doing different things.

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