Author: Kele D. Gabor


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About the Book

It is a journey of a young man through extraordinary events of peace, love, dangers, and fears during and after World War II. There are stories within stories which show the fascinating lives of many in war and peace. It records the life and survival through incredible events and testimonials which help sift truth from deceptive history lines. Each story contains relevant information which is applicable to current political tensions here and around the world. It shows how hiding the mistakes made by the world powers can lead to animosity among people, nations, and religions, making a more peaceful world unattainable.

Features & Details

Pages: 572
Genre: History
Tags: #history, #deceptionreality

About the Author

Mr. Gabor, growing up in the war years was exposed to wide range of experiences from peace to destruction, from plenty to nothing, and from freedom to slavery. He saw and felt what people in power can do to other human beings in war and peace. His experiences in these turbulent times barely prepared him with the necessary artistry to survive the Communist Terror during the so-called peace time enforced by the liberating and occupying Red Army after the war.

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