Nothing Last Forever

Author: Althea Foster


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About the Book

This is the story of a Kanaka, a Samoan warrior caught up in the illegal practice of Blackbirding to acquire pacific islanders as unpaid workers. Mel Milo is the son of the king of Samoa. His life of privilege came to a sudden end when he was taken aboard a slave ship bound for the cane fields in the Great Southern Land: Australia. His mother had educated him in reading, writing, and arithmetic, against the wishes of his father, who taught the heir to his throne the traditional ways of Samoa. He was later bought by a sheep farmer, who treated Mel as a son. His devoted friend, a young Aborigine, shared many adventures, while a temperamental ghost liked to stir the pot. His European education opened unexpected doors to a life of respectability and fulfillment. His greatest joy was his wife and family. He was one of the lucky ones.

Features & Details

Pages: 122
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #nothinglastforever

About the Author

Althea Foster is a scribbler from way back, writing short stories and novels for friends and interested parties who encouraged her to publish a book. Althea is from colonial stock and has accumulated snippets of information on interesting subjects regarding the old days in Australia. Much travelled in her country, she likes to bring places of interest to her writing. She was encouraged by an English teacher to consider a career in writing, but marriage and family took top priority. Now, she feels, is her time.

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