Star Warrior

Author: J. Lesley Graham


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About the Book

Tradition had the League of Star Warriors being rooted in the Tejas Rangers of the Statea United on the mythical First Earth. However, while the Tejas Rangers rode horses over the vast wastelands of a single planet, Star Warriors flew and lived on their thunderturkies, as their class of battle starships were called. They went from planet to planet. Rangers fought with six shot slug throwers, rifles, and shotguns. Star Warriors fought with the latest technological weapon systems, including a sling pistol, heavily armed thunderturkey, and Hawk star fighter. Rangers rode with other rangers and were controlled by the Tejas government. Star Warriors operated alone and were governed by the League of Star Warriors. Rangers went after common criminals. Star Warriors went after master criminals, powerful criminal organizations, and other evil people, who were above the law for one reason or another reason or another. Rangers brought lawbreakers before judges, who handed out justice. Star Warriors were judges, juries, and off time executioners. Unlike other law enforcement professionals and members of military organizations, Star Warriors were still Star Warriors even after they voluntarily retired or were barred from serving on active duty. The forehead of each Star Warrior was covered with tattoos identifying him as a Star Warrior, telling how many years he spent of active duty, and telling the number of times he had been wounded. People sought out those tattoos when they needed help because the local police couldn’t or wouldn’t help them. Jack Quantum had been medically retired. Yet, he still operated as a Star Warrior. He stopped two assignation attempts, and saved a small boy from suffering through a painful and ugly death. He unmasked a major drug lord and stopped his plans to take over the star trader he was flying on. Jack became the Master of the star trader after being critically injured during a firefight the star trader had with an overwhelming number of starships. Yet, he was instrumental in saving the starship and over forty thousand people as it blindly flew across the galaxy.

Features & Details

Pages: 384
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #starwarrior

About the Author

J. Lesley Graham and Ursula, his wife, live in Wichita Falls, Texas. He retired after serving 20 years, 6 months, and 9 days in the United States Air Force. He has also been a college professor, and a software engineer. He holds a BS in Mathematics, a Masters of Divinity, and a Masters of Software Design and Development. He uses the Life Cycle Method of Computer Systems Development as a template to develop and write his novels.

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