Butterflies, Fairies & Moonbeams

Butterflies, Fairies & Moonbeams

Author: Melody Hamby Goss
Pages: 128
Genre: Poetry
Paperback (9781640690141) $9.31
PDF (9781640690158) $3.99
EPUB (9781640690165) $3.99
Kindle (9781640690172) $3.99


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A simple book of verse and prose, of nature and imagination;
I have come to terms with the future. From this day forward I
will walk easy on the earth, plant trees, and kill no living things.
Live in harmony with all creatures. I will restore the earth where
I am. Use no more of its resources than I need, and listen, listen
to what it is telling me…M.J. Slim Hooey
As an avid environmentalist and animal
advocate, I see and hear nature in all her
colors and seasons. This simple book is
what I have been hearing all my life…
Mother Nature is crying. Along with my
daughter, Gwen Frazer, her husband Eric,
my son Matthew Goss and his wife Tania
we have compiled my wildlife photos from upper Michigan, down
the eastern coast to Florida’s oceans and glades. A special salute to
my husband Sam who without his help no words could have been
written, these insignificant scribbles each read and commented on
by him…

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