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About the Book

This book is about coincidents that have happened in my life that affected the American public, from cities being changed forever once we left to important buildings being raised. These are just a few incidents that can be remembered. Sayings such as “rip off” or “under the bus” are identified and repeated often publicly. Somehow, songs of the fifties could be traced to my experiences.

Features & Details

Pages: 68
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #stuffhappens

About the Author

The author is retired who wants to explain his life experiences. He has had many songs and movies that can be talked about. However, at this stage of his life, he cannot remember these exact time frame. For that reason, he cannot call the book a novel without giving particular or specific dates. It seems that every town in which he lived was changed, many important stadiums changed or torn down—many of which were not mentioned in the book. You may want to ask the question, why? The author cannot give a definite answer.

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