Redefining The Citizen Of The New Millennium V2

Author: Mohamed Diallo


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About the Book

Rising above expectations is one thing and moving on is another. With great achievement comes great responsibility. In a century where automation is rapidly taking place, millions of people are losing their jobs, and human effort is being replaced by computers, and the stress level has dramatically increased. It has caused many families to relocate because of the inability of the household to financially sustain itself. Sadly, human beings within the first two decades of the twenty-first century have failed to act or rather implemented theories of past centuries inadequate to the current challenges of the world. We have seen policies designed or actions taken that genuinely undermine the dignity of other human beings. The truth is that despite all the technical and technological revolutions, machines or computers will never have the human emotion. That feeling of common humanity, self-respect, and for others, love for one another is something inherent and particular to the human nature. We need to elevate our standards and uphold our core values more than ever. We must refine our thinking and actions when the sanctuary becomes a ghost, about to burn. There is a need to redefine the citizen of the millennium. This second volume aims to aid in preventing conflicts and resolving them when they arise. It is designed to help each one of us find peace with ourselves and start a conversation with the other across the aisle. It goes from the spiritual to the physical world—the freedom to speak our minds, grow from fear, and turn challenges into opportunities for growth and inclusive progress.

Features & Details

Pages: 140
Genre: Biography
Tags: #biography, #redefiningthecitizenofthenewmillenniumv2

About the Author

Mohamed Lamine Diallo is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and the founder of Amedine International Citizens Center (AICC), a United States based nonprofit organization with a global outreach geared toward providing educational resources and creating economic opportunities to young people those in developing countries, in particular. He is a native of Guinea-Conakry. The main focus of his research and activities has been directed for the past few years towards finding a lasting and effective solution to stop the massive death of young Africans in the Mediterranean Sea. In the United States, he trains and mentors local high school and college students by teaching them French as second language and runs several other personal development workshops. He is also a blog contributor to some organizations affiliated to the United Nations. He was a recipient of the 2016 African Union Expo organized by GoAfrica Networks, Inc in the United States.

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