Boston Darkens

Author: Michael Kravitz


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About the Book

IN LIFE WE all meet people who bring unnecessary drama. It’s easy to complain and blame everything on others. Dealing with evil is not easy. It is to this end that I wish to dedicate this book to my brother, Barry. He recently lost his wife. They were both blessed with two sons. One son was born with multiple problems. With so many problems, many parents would give up that child and make him a ward of the state. My brother’s wife stayed home and spent day and night caring for her son. She herself developed many medical problems. With trust in God and herself, she cared for her ill son. Her son lived many years past what the doctors gave her. He finally succumbed in his twenties. My brother’s wife passed away spring of 2015. Soon after the funeral, I informed my brother that I was writing this novel. My brother’s will to go on has inspired me to finish my novel. He read each section and edited several grammatical errors. His wife was a writer, and she helped too. Through this novel I am reaching out to all for humanity and hope.

Features & Details

Pages: 112
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #bostondarkens

About the Author

Michael Kravitz is an emerging author who resides in southern New England. He has lived there his whole life, and like Grandma Moses, he came upon his new vocation in later years. The perspective he brings to his efforts is born of a lifetime of experiences, friendships, successes, and hard knocks. After college and a stint in the US Army, Mike spent some time working at textile factories, doing work-flow analysis before the factories left. He joined a small family-owned upholstery business and rubbed elbows with well-to-do Cape Cod folks before he caught the entrepreneurial bug. Some ups ... and a couple of downs dimmed the glow of those endeavors. He has traveled through Russia, Germany, England, Austria, Holland, Sweden, and Italy by train. On his four trips to Africa, he helped friends with an agricultural education project in the bush of Tanzania. For a little added excitement, he twice took trips with the locals to the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. A failed marriage and his work with the intellectually challenged further developed his natural bent towards the little guy. So Mike writes with an air of humility, an appreciation for some traditional values, and a dry sense of humor. His style is reminiscent of the colorful set of simpler images in a Grandma Moses painting, all brought together in one of her famous scenes to form a bigger story.

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