Shades of Africa

Shades of Africa

Author: Judy Witt
Pages: 258
Genre: Fiction
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Hardback (9781640694835) $32.99
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EPUB (9781640694859) $3.99
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This is a story about a white girl, Shirley Schreiber, and her family.
Growing up in South Africa and Rhodesia during the early years of racial discrimination including the apartheid years: 1944–1972.Shirley grows up during the years of racism and apartheid and the black power push for communism; when both sides are right, both are wrong. The betrayal by blacks and whites, each with a fierce passion for this cruel, unforgiving land where to trust could mean death.
Judy Witt aka Toko Loshe was born in South Africa in January 1944. The family moved to Southern Rhodesia, then Northern Rhodesia during the years that those countries were fighting for freedom and independence.

Caught up in the violence and terror that evolved and the Congo Revolution spill over, they returned to South Africa the day before Zambia’s independence.

Judy now lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband, four married children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

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