Mastery of the Penis

Author: Swami Genesha Anajon

( 9781640691681)

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About the Book

This book is for those who wish to extend their sexual abilities beyond the normal. It provides you with training exercises and techniques to become a sexual master. The author compiles a wide variety of sexual techniques gathered from ancient sexual traditions like Tantra, Tao and modern experiments. There are ancient secrets from numerous sexual traditions which will allow you to profoundly change the depth of your sensual experience. You will learn techniques for exercising the penis, controlling the penis, controlling ejaculation and experiencing orgasm without full ejaculation. The male recovery phrase after ejaculation limits sexual pleasure. The obvious solution is to extend the capacity of the male by teaching him how to function in a multi- orgasmic way. If you follow the precepts, exercises and instructions of this book you should be able to maintain erection while orgasming frequently until you are ready for a complete and full ejaculation. This book will also teach you how to extend sex into an ecstatic two-hour marathon rather that the “14 minutes sprint “now experienced by most men.

Features & Details

Pages: 152
Genre: Self-Help
Tags: #selfhelp, #masteryofthepenis

About the Author

Swami Genesha Anajon spent many years in the Orient, studying with ancient Tantric, Yogic, Taoist, and Black and Yellow hat Buddhist sects, specializing in their sexual techniques to enhanced development. In his research of Sexual yoga or Tantra, he concentrated on applications to the modern world. Though educated to the doctoral level in the Western universities he gave up academia to explored the hidden and esoteric Eastern sects of sexual enlightenment. He has now taught modernized Tantric techniques for over 30 years

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