A Different Time A Different Earth

A Different Time A Different Earth

Author: Angelo Thomas Crapanzano
Pages: 388
Genre: Fiction
Paperback (9781640695726) $16.99
PDF (9781640695733) $3.99
EPUB ( 9781640695740) $3.99
Kindle (9781640695757) $3.99


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A Different, a Different is a novel about the romance of a young couple set in a science fiction background. The background was developed around two fictitious societies that inhabited two continents that supposedly existed on the earth before the great flood. These societies developed fantastically advanced technology. A war between them caused the complete destruction of their societies as well as the two continents.

Many thousands of years later, due to a malfunction of their spaceship our heroes were thrust into the interior of the lost and deserted world, where they encountered the last and only evidence of the existence of these great societies.

The technology was years beyond their knowledge and capabilities. They struggled through many exciting and perilous adventures in their effort to stay alive in the interior of this unfriendly and dangerous structure. Their final goal; to create a new and peaceful world
Angelo T. Crapanzano attended Cleveland State University
after a stint in the army during World War 11. Graduating
as an electronic Engineer, he worked forty-two years on
computer controlled electronic systems for missiles and
advanced aircrafts. When he retirement he was manager of
the Research and Development Department for an aerospace

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