At Grandpa And Grandma’s House

Author: MC Casper


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About the Book

Many grandparents experience the joy of sharing in the care of their grandchildren. Because of the time spent together, it’s not uncommon that grandparents see the child’s first steps or hear his first words. What a joy! Grannies and gramps also have the privilege of teaching the little ones how to read and write, sing songs, and the most fun, try different foods. But what is the most important lesson you can teach your grandchild? This book shares what it is.

Features & Details

Pages: 36
Genre: Children
Tags: #children, #atgrandpaandgrandma’shouse

About the Author

Melanie Perez-Casipe a.k.a MC Casper lives in Toronto, Canada. As a freelance Learning Consultant, Melanie incorporates interactive, fun and creative learning activities such as board games, cartooning, dance, music and pop culture in her programs. Her 30-year career has taken her to beautiful and exciting places in Canada, US, Philippines, the Emirates and Europe. Melanie always believes that training is not much different from story-telling. As a new grandparent, she was inspired to write about her own experiences and realized that she has a lot of stories to tell. At the House of Grandpa and Grandma is her first.

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